Dan King is the principal of DKP and he is a Promax Gold and Silver award winning Sound Designer | Audio Post Producer.

But his depth of experience in the media and music industries is vast. If its music, radio, TV, branding and content, chances are he's done it.


Composition of musical scores for all media applications, audio post production for short and long form projects and great radio spots including, sketch comedy/parodies, content show promos and station continuity and packaging. Dan is an accomplished musician and performs session vocal and instrumental work. His voice overs are heard across the country for many clients including a number of radio networks.

For 15 years Dan worked in radio as a Promo/Show Producer and looked after production of "Radio Imaging" for NOVA network nights, breakfast audio at B105 in Brisbane and worked across many shows at MCM Entertainment, including the networked drive show from WS FM in Sydney across Australia.  He also worked as a Content Director for Nova Entertainment, managing programming teams and repositioning Star 1045 on the Central Coast which went on to be market leader.







More recently Dan was Sound Designer at Foxtel for 6 years launching and rebranding many channels, working across FOX8, FOXARENA, FOXCLASSICS, CMC, CHANNEL V, FOXFUNNY mixing promos and long form projects including feature shows and successful podcasts for the History and Crime & Investigation channels.

For nearly 5 years now, he has worked with Spotify and record labels in the digital space, voicing and mixing spots to promote artists across all genres including steaming services, social media, radio and TV. He loves to support home grown artists.


Dan composes jingles and titles for TV and has written for "The Apprentice" on NINE, SBS Radio (Pop Asia), Foxtel, he has scored the soundtrack for many audio books, retail jingles for radio and scored music & built sound design for the video gaming industry including a variety of apps.





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